When Should I Invest In Stainless Steel For Bearings?

- Mar 23, 2020-

When should I invest in stainless steel for bearings?

Ritbearing-stainless-steelbearing-imageWhen it comes to bearing materials, there are certain options that are better suited for some situations then others. Chrome steel is a very common bearing material, but there are certain occasions where you’ll need an alternative to protect your parts from certain hazards or meet performance standards. Stainless steel is one of these options.

While stainless steel can be more expensive than standard metals, it offers some key advantages for certain situations. Chief among these situations is that stainless steel offers much more resistance to corrosion than chrome or other basic steels. Corrosion resistance is a key benefit for a wide variety of applications, especially those that require food-grade parts or clean-room conditions. Even if contamination isn’t a concern, corrosion resistance can help extend the lifespan of your bearings if water or other rust-inducing substances are present in an environment.

Another benefit of stainless steel is that it can exhibit greater chemical resistance than some standard options. This resistance is crucial for any applications that deal with harsh chemicals and other substances that may eat away at your bearings. In addition, the combination of water and chemical resistance makes stainless steel an ideal solution for applications that undergo regular washdowns.

A high-heat environment is another reason as to why you would opt for a stainless steel bearing. Stainless-steel features a greater stability in high temperatures, which can help you maintain performance standards and prolong part life than if you opted for a standard steel material.

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