Vibration Analysis Of Rolling Element Bearings Defects

- Feb 04, 2020-

Vibration Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings Defects


A large majority of rotating machineries rely on rolling element bearings (REBs). Due to necessity and vital contribution to most rotating machineries, the requirements on the bearings have become stricter everyday. The bearings provide relative positioning and rotating freedom while usually transmitting a load between shaft and housing [1]. Rotating machineries are complex and have numerous components that could potentially fail. An analysis should be made to identify the bearings defects before they become catastrophically fail with the associated downtime costs and significant damage to other parts of rotating machineries. The vibration spectrum analysis is a popular technique among others such as time domain and time frequency domain for tracking machinery operating conditions. Intensive research [2-6] has been done in recent years for the REBs defect diagnosis to ensure the performance and extend the bearing life. In this study, the different type of the REB defects cases with respected to two different load level is taken in account since the load affects the defect signature magnitude. The results obtained from the experiments have illustrated and explained.